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“When I first met with Jerrell, i was doing well on paper, I was 34, had a “good job”, was earning “good money” and everyone told me I should be proud. I did not feel fulfilled. If i was doing so well, and had done what I set out to do, why did I still feel like I was stuck with no idea of what to do about it?

Working with BSA for just 3 months gave me real clear (and blunt) insight into where I really was, what I truly wanted, and they helped me through every obstacle and step I needed to pass to build a business that would fit the life I want and get me to what, who, and where I know I was always meant to be.”

Michael T, CEO/Founder of tech startup

BSA takes you beyond “okay” and on to where you want to be.

Why am I Here?

BSA works with those whom have achieved a level of professional “success” that is now holding them back. They have the “right” career or their own business, but they still feel they should be doing work that supports the life they want and not the other way around. It can be frustrating feeling capable of doing greater things, yet still something is getting in the way. We coach, train & support our clients through career and business transitions, providing the clarity that only someone who has walked that path can.

What to Do?

Knowing where you are and where you need to go is critical, but isn’t much use if you don’t know what to do. Creating a clear path and outlining the steps you need to take is what our Career Coaches & Advisors do for you. BSA brings our experience, resources and assets to work for you and your goals as if they were our own (and to us, they are).

Where Does it End?

One of the biggest problems with doing well is that “rocking the boat” can seem to mean risking what you have built. BSA helps you foresee & mitigate risks, while managing relationships where needed. On the path to your true ambition, we help you cut through the ropes that hold you back without burning bridges.

Issues We Solve

Founder’s Story

After completing studies in the United States, I started my career in London’s executive recruitment industry which quickly led to a move to Amsterdam in 2005. There I experienced almost everything I thought I needed to about people, business, management, corporate life and success at an early age and was admired by those I worked with, but I was already starting to feel “stuck” in the career I had built.

In 2011, leveraging my role of planning, launching, and building new businesses for a publicly listed MNC, I opted to take on the challenge of opening branches for them across Europe & Asia to “spice things up” for myself and advance my development. However, by January 2013, I found myself so unfulfilled that I had to make a choice:

Continue “going through the motions” at work while feeling unfulfilled with my path?


Push beyond “o.k.”, and follow a professional path that would excite and challenge me daily?

Since answering that day, I have spent my time supporting some of the largest corporations in the world, helping their executives, managers, and team members become better than they ever thought they could through businesses I founded.

With BSA my focus is on helping individuals do better than even they know they can, therefore I look forward to the point where my journey meets with yours.

Jerrell Bravo, CEO & Founder- BSA

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